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   Fire Damage

We are an Emergency Work and Complete Restoration Company serving California counties.
While some fires are caused by natural causes and can occur anywhere, other causes are more specific in certain areas. Several types of damage result from a fire.  Some items will be heavily damaged by the fire — exhibiting ashing, charring, melting, or other distortion from the heat.  Much of this material is likely not salvageable.  The remainder may be lightly scorched, covered in soot, and have a strong odor of the fire.  Here are some general causes for fire.


Don't underestimate the fire risk from electricity just because there is no flame involved. The over warming of hot plugs and sockets and blown fuses may start a fire.


Most cigarettes related fires start because the cigarette is not put out completely. Additional common causes include falling asleep with a cigarette and using improper ashtrays.


Even a tiny candle flame can have upsetting consequences. Many candle related fires start due to draughts that lead fire to catch burnable items and tilting candles that are not placed in suitable holders.

   The Kitchen

The kitchen contains many hazards that can cause fires. The common combination of open fire, grease, electricity, and water is very dangerous. Grease fire is a common cause for fires in the kitchen is and is usually caused by fry pans. This type is dangerous as it can set the whole kitchen on fire. Additional fires are dry cooking fires and oven fires. These types are easy to control and they are not likely to cause damage. Kitchen appliances may also cause fire if not maintained well.


Bedroom fires are usually caused by misuse of electrical devices. Electrical fires can start due to overloading extension cords and the use of electric blankets and warmers with no lab-approval. Heaters are a concern during winter if they are recklessly placed near linen, clothes, and other flammable items

   Attics, Basements and the Garage

Popular as storage areas these places usually contain fire hazards such as gasoline and other flammable liquids. Old clothes, papers and other combustible items are also hazardous and should be stored safely. Many of the electrical fire hazards are also located in these areas. Worn cords, electrical boxes and other signs of electrical trouble should be treated immediately.

   Heating Devices and Fireplaces

These are planned to generate heat and may be hazardous if not maintained well. Operating the fireplace without a screen will allow sparks to fly into the room and cause fire. Other causes of fire are combustible items such as wallpaper, curtains, and clothing that are left without maintaining adequate clearance around the heater.

Copied with permission from: plrplr.com/80913/what-causes-fire-damage/

Board up services

  A's Contractor, Inc. is prepared to board-up in any emergency or tarp off a roof of a damaged property quickly. In a commercial or residential emergency we have to act immediately. If an area is left exposed to other factors the property can be damaged more than initial cause of the emergency. In case of fire damage or water damage we have to secure the personal or bussines property and protect the area affected using plywood as a board-up.

A's Contractor, Inc. is providing Restoration services with 100% Satisfaction.

We use Xacatamate software estimating of structural items like walls, flooring, roofing, etc. and including contents like cabinets or furniturec for all claims.

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