From our happy customers

A's Contractor Inc. who has done a fantastic job

Tom T. , Yorba Linda

I'm writing this letter to thank you and A's Contractor Inc. who has done a fantastic job in helping our family restore our floor that was damaged from leaking caused by water heater. I remembered calling you when this happened. You sent your team over immediately to stop the leaking and put your emergency instrument in place to dry out the affected area.

You and A's Contractor Inc. are not only very good at what you do but also very helpful and patient in helping us selecting the best floor materials for our hallway, kitchen and living room, and bedrooms to meet our needs within insurance guideline. Thanks again for your help in restoring our floor. My family and I are very happy to see our floor every day. My wife and I are more than happy to be your reference and will recommend you and A's Contractor Inc. to anyone who needs restoring of their house without any hesitation.

Octavian was professional with us

Naman P., Ontario

A's Contractors completed restoration of our hotel after a major fire. It was a major job that lasted several months, but with Octavian and his team we didn't have to worry about the daily burden of construction. Octavian was available when needed and his team was open to any corrections and made them happily. Octavian was professional with us, but most importantly in dealing with insurance adjuster; he presented a thorough scope of work and spent time to get necessary additional work approved.

honesty and commitment of A's Contractor

Borje & Mary F., Yorba Linda

"We couldn't have been more thrilled with the bathroom remodel we received. The honesty and commitment of A's Contractor is fabulous. This was our first remodel and the work and the outcome of the bathroom is beyond our expectations. We would highly recommend A Contracting to anyone who is ready to remodel .

A's Contractor Inc. who has done a fantastic job

Cindy & Gary J., Yorba Linda

We have been using A's Contractor Inc., for several years now for remodeling/home improvement/home repairs.

First we started with our master bath. We got rid of the florescent lights and the box for them and installed LED's, we added an Led over the tub and another over the commode. We added 4 ganged electrical outlets to both sides of the vanity, (GFI's). We also converted a non opening glass window to one that opens. We were amazed at how fast this work was done, and very happy with the quality of the work!

We had to have the hardwood floor replaced in the living room, (due to water damage). Octavian, (owner or A's Contractor Inc.), as well as his crew, did a very thorough investigation of where the water may have come from, and added, gutters, drains, etc outside the house, to make sure we would never see a reoccurrence of the problem. They also did a very thorough job of drying out the cement that the floor sits on, as well as using the very latest sealing products to protect the floor from any moisture that might try to seep into the cement, (not likely to have any seepage due to the preventative measures they took, that I mentioned earlier)! The red oak flooring that was originally there and in the rest of our house was no longer available, but A's Contractor Inc. found a replacement for it, and we really can't tell the difference.

We will be calling them out again in the near future to update our downstairs bath, and probably the upstairs spare bath We are very happy with their work, How fast they get it done, as well as charging a very fair price. We, in fact, recommended to one of our good friends that they use A's Contractor Inc., to remodel their bathroom. They did remodel the bathroom and used, A's Contractor Inc. and like us, yhey are very happy they did. They loved the work that was done, the speed at which it was done, as well as the price.

Fulfilled his responsibilities professionally, knowledgeably

K. Van D. , Orange County

Octavian provided general contractor services on a major repair/replacement job necessitated by water damage in two bathrooms, a hallway, and a bedroom in our home. He fulfilled his responsibilities professionally, knowledgeably, as expeditiously as possible, and was available by phone when needed. His subcontrators were always courteous and responsive to additional needs. I recommend Octavian's services to others and would contract with him again if I ever have the need.

He came up with some great alternatives and upgrades

Michael K., Orange County

Octavian is honest, dependable, knowledgeable and trustworthy. His crew is well rounded and can do almost every trade. He has saved me lots of money compared to other contractors and always completes the job on time in a professional manner.

I had a fire a few years ago. Octavian worked well with the architect, the city and me. He came up with some great alternatives and upgrades that kept me within budget with a better end product. I have used him many times since and will use him again.